Our process wasn’t easy; but based on our experience (and the things you decided to ask us), here is a list of frequently asked questions.

Do your recipes always end up like the ones in the picture?

They do in the later stages. Sure, there are recipes that are fairly simple, and we manage to make them delicious right off the bat; but sometimes, it takes two or three tries to get the perfect recipe.

What do you use as a source of inspiration?

Most of the time, it’s the stuff we see in our cooking class – and the cookbooks that we always have to carry around with us. Still, we also get our ideas from TV, magazines – and constantly nagging food cravings.

What’s your cooking background?

Both of us started cooking from an early age, either by self-learning or learning from our parents. Eventually, we decided to bump up our knowledge, and we are both currently studying cooking and confectionaries. We’re rookie chefs that decided to go pro.

Do you guys follow a particular diet?

We’re not particularly picky about our food, but we do try to eat as healthy as possible. Still, this doesn’t mean we skip on Friday night pizza, which we (obviously) never order, but cook ourselves.

I’m intolerant to gluten. What can I use instead of flour?

There’s a variety of gluten-free flours that you can use. You can also go for oat flour, almond milk flour, or a blend of the previously mentioned.

Why didn’t a particular recipe work for me?

Technically, if you follow the exact instructions, it should come exactly like in the ones in the pictures. If it didn’t, there might be several reasons for it: the temperature was different, you took it out too fast or too late, you forgot to do something, or you did something extra.

Each of our cooking styles and kitchens is different – so there may be a variety of reason why it didn’t come out right. Usually, when you try it out the second or the third time, it should be more successful.

What’s your favorite recipe?

It depends on who you ask. I (Louise) like spicy food, so a good chili will always be served on the table at least weekly. Eugene loves making tuna pasta. It’s simple to make, quick, and not to mention delicious.

For more questions, you can leave us a comment and we will be prompt to answer.