About Us


Cooking is love, cooking is life. When you are in the kitchen making your favorite dishes and sweets, it feels as if life suddenly starts making sense. This is why we decided to turn this into a way of life – to become cooks and bakers when we “grow up.”

This blog was originally our “cookbook.” In the past, we used to write our recipes on a notebook, but then we realized: why not spread the love? Why not share our recipes with others as well, so that they could also start cooking without spending tremendous amounts of money on cookbooks? Plus, it would also be a good way to keep track of our recipes, since all we have to do now is type “search,” and we have our recipe.

Femininity and Masculinity in the Kitchen

Boy meets girl, they become friends in college, and they decide they are both gourmet-obsessed people. And since everything is on the internet today, why not write about it?

Yes, we both also have this fault: we both love to write. We’re not the kind to start writing adventure or romance books; however, when it comes to lifestyle, cooking, and studying, we want to cover everything.

That’s why most of our posts will be something that will either have you drooling all day or wishing that you change to a different lifestyle. We eat healthily, we eat deliciously – and therefore, we have the energy for life.

Sometimes he brings the steak and wine while she brings the cake and champagne. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. What’s most important is variety, which is why you’ll rarely see the same dish twice.

To Study or Not to Study

Some students go to college because they have to. We go to college because we want to. We can’t say that we’re incredible writers like those guys taking philology writers – but if you have something that you are passionate about, why not write about it? Share it with the world?

We also like to be helpful. Not only do we try to give our best tips on our blogs, but we also want to help fellow students get through their classes as well. When someone asks for our help, it literally “feeds” our desire to do and talk about the thing we love most: food.

And we’re always “hungry” – which is something you will notice from our continuous posts.